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October 2, 2012


new tins=new work coming soon!

September 16, 2012

on y va a Paris

A handful of photos taken on my iPhone 4 on a recent trip to wonderful, amazing Paris. Follow me on Instagram: @flora_gwendoline

June 4, 2012

From start to finish..

Photographic documentation of the piece I made for the Pain at the Dentist exhibition..

Instagram Snaps

April 9, 2012

Pain at the Dentist

I am super duper excited to have been asked by Alvarado Gallery to take part in a wonderful exhibition in Hackney later this month. I am going to be exhibiting alongside the likes of Rob Ryan and Martin O'Neill (to name but two!) and have made an extra special new piece of work especially for it, so please do pop along when it opens to the public on the 20th April. Click the link below for full details..

September 12, 2011

website re-vamp

I am blowing the cobwebs off my website at the moment as it is severely due a little TLC. However you can still contact me with this: florarogers@live.com or this: 07968567154.

In the meantime why not sit back and listen to this latest delight from Gotye, I heard this on the radio all the time in Australia and cannot.get.enough.

G'Day Melbourne!

There are few places I have been in my life that I have found as inspiring as Melbourne. Above are a few select photos from my visit there, which to be honest don't really capture the feel of the place, you will just have to go there and see for yourself!..

Flatpack Owl

How cute is he?! My good friend and fellow creative Sarah Cotterell sent him to me in the post and I built him all by myself.. He now sits on my desk and watches over me while I work.. Thanks Sarah!

October 11, 2010


Artwork for book cover 'Learn to Speak German in 10 days'. Also done one for Spanish and one for French but I like this one the most...

October 4, 2010

finders keepers

Probably the best thing about living back at my parents is they never throw anything away.. which means once in a while I get to stumble upon little gems such as this.
An issue of 'Illustrated' from the 12th of May 1951. (Price: 3p) It's totally falling apart but the imagery and typography inside is so amazing.